Zach Cooper is an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary obsession for vintage video games. His delusions of a pixelated paradise seem to have hindered his abilities to succeed in life. He’s had a lot of trouble leveling up in the “real world”, thanks in part to his teenage tormentor, the nefarious, Chet Walker. Zach’s life was never the same after Chet stole his precious Limited Edition Pikachu 64 console. It’s been well over a decade since this injustice occurred, and it’s plagued him ever since, but no more! Our red haired warrior has cooked up a plan to take back the Pikachu and receive the flawless victory he’s been waiting for his whole life. So join Zach and his friends on the heist of the century as they take on thugs, bikers, dogs, jugglers, and anything else that may stand in their way! Time is not on their side, so they have to play this “game” quick and smooth like a speedrun….an “epic speedrun.”

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Starring Mike Hufford, Bryan Lindsey, Qi Zhou, and Jeremy Boggs
Directed By Matthew Martin Gaither
Written By Matthew Martin Gaither
Screenplay By Matthew Martin Gaither & Daniel Craig Williams
Produced By Aaron Patterson & Matthew Martin Gaither

Sorry, but reality is in another castle.

You can also check out a video highlighting our trip to MAGfest where we met some of the RetrowareTV guys and held a sneak peak of Zach Cooper’s Epic Speedrun at the Games on Film Film Festival: