Bet you weren’t expecting that one ? Well unless you were a Patreon, in which case you knew about it for a while now 🙂
I just wanted to do something different for this cover. I’ve been playing with a few apps of my friend Michael Eskin and always had it in mind to do a full song on the ipad. I was only after logging back into WoW for an hour or two that this song became lodge in my mind and I knew it was a perfect one to experiment with.

Apps :
Celtic Harp (Jason Sommerlad) :
Irish Flute (Michael Eskin) :
Hammered Dulcimer (Michael Eskin) :
Honner Piano Accordion (Michael Eskin) :
Real Violin (Pylar Studio) :
Mandolin!!!! ( Nick Culbertson ) :!!!/id459462813?ls=1&mt=8
Garage Band (bass) :
Drums XD (Squeegees):

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