What is NTSC? What is PAL? Why in Sonic fast in America? Why is he slow in Europe? Perhaps the question should be more like Why is 60hz faster than 50hz?… and why is there a difference? Because that’s exactly what this video is about. Back in the days of analogue television (you remember that, right?), signals were transmitted using 2 main standards, PAL and NTSC (There’s also SECAM for France and Russia, which is similar to PAL), and to display on these standards, your equipment needed to be able to output the right signal type.

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This is partly why a Sega Genesis won’t work properly in the UK without modifications and vice versa. This video looks at the whole caboodle, what NTSC is, what PAL is, why we have 60hz and 50hz, where it came from, who came up with those figures and exactly what all this means when it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog.