Congratulations to friends of Retroware TV, Joe Santulli and John Hardie, for raising over $50,000, crushing their goal of $30,000 in their Kickstarter fundraiser to support the creation of the Videogame History Museum.  The fundraiser ends today – congrats again!  We are one step closer to seeing the reality of this wonderful preservation of gaming’s past.

From the VGHM staff:

This doesn’t happen very often, but I have to admit that when I woke up this morning and checked our Kickstarter project and saw that we had met our goal, my eyes literally welled-up with tears and a chill rolled down my spine!

You guys (and girls) did it! We’d like to share a quick story that we hope will help you understand the feeling we have right now.

At the start of each and every Classic Gaming Expo just before the doors open to the public, the three of us take one last walk-through of the show floor and the museum and just kind of take it all in. We don’t really say much to each other – we just look. We see all of it every year, but we still gaze upon what two mom & pop retail store owners and one phone company manager were able to put together. It’s really pretty amazing!

The most amazing part about CGE is that what drives us to do it every year is pure and simple passion. It’s a lot of work to put on a show like that and it takes a lot of time away from our families and real jobs. There is absolutely zero financial reward for doing it. In fact, not only is there no paycheck for any of us at the end of the show, we each cover our own personal expenses.

This Videogame History Museum project is fueled by that same passion. It’s truly heartwarming to see that so many of you not only share that passion with us, but that you see it burning strong enough in us that even in these tough economic times, you’ve pledged your hard-earned money to help launch the Videogame History Museum.

Kickstarter is just the beginning. The money that we raise here will be spent carefully and wisely to promote awareness of the museum collection and generate more revenue. A project like The Computer History Museum takes-in and spends tens of millions per year. We’re many, many years away from being in the same league as they are, but something of that scale is our ultimate goal and it will cost a lot to get there.

Even though we have reached our pre-set goal here on Kickstarter, please continue to donate as you are able. Both Kickstarter and Amazon Payments will be taking a hefty chunk in fees out of what was donated here. Every dollar we receive over the goal will be spent for exactly the same purpose as the first dollar.

Thanks again for your support!

John, Sean & Joe
Directors, Videogame History Museum