The Vectrex may be pushing thirty-one years of age but there is still much love remaining for this unsung and under appreciated console of yesteryear. As evidenced by several impending new releases. Now first things first, if you are unfamiliar with this monolith of vector based gaming then you’re missing out on one of the best consoles ever made; so go and correct that right now. You can see an overview by RetrowareTV’s very own Gaming Historian right here. Once your eyes have stopped bleeding from the awesomeness come back to me and we’ll take a look at these new homebrew releases.



First up we have the game ‘NOX’, which will be joined on one 64k cartridge by ‘Death Race’. ‘NOX’ is an overhead racing game in the vein of classics like ‘Indy 500’ for the Atari 2600 and features two modes of play, watch a gameplay demo here. ‘Death Race’ on the other hand is a port of the rather controversial 1976 arcade game of the same name in which you mow down as many hapless pedestrians (or goblins if you prefer) as possible to accumulate a fat, bloody high score. Unfortunately there isn’t any footage/screenshots of this yet but KidQuaalude and partner have stated that this cartridge will be ready for release soon and may even come with colour overlays.



Next up is ‘Nagoya Attack’, a superb port of ‘Mini-Vaders’ (the sequel to space invaders) which has many Vectrex owners rejoicing like sycophantic saints as ‘Space Invades’ was criminally never ported to the console. Finally we can blast the hell out of slowly descending alien scum in crisply rendered vector graphics. You can check out some gameplay here. Not much else is known about this release at present except that it will be twinned with a second as yet unannounced shmup, again on a single 64k cartridge.



And finally we have ‘Bloxorz’, a port of the popular flash game. This in my opinion may be the best-looking game to ever appear on the console. Its elegant design and simple though challenging game play may place this on many a top five list, and rightly so. Still in the beta phase consisting of the first three levels, Frank Buss presented it at RetroChallange 2013. He has stated he intends to finish the game completely but no mention of a physical release yet, I very much hope to see one as this would be a fine addition to the Vectrex catalogue. Go drool at gameplay footage here or if you have a Vectrex flashcart or emulator, you can find a ROM of the beta here, as well as lots of information on the game and its coding if you really want to get your geek on.


Author: dormeus (Andrew Lomas)
Editor & Graphics: Shane Luis