The Nintendo Game Boy was the second console I ever owned. I remember saving up for it and my Sister lending me enough money to bridge the gap. It came with Mega Man 2 and the original Super Mario Land. I spent countless hours on it, especially on long trips where my Dad would drive us to the coast for our holidays. I still enjoy a lot of the games now and thought I’d put together this list of my Top 7 games to start your Game Boy collection.
I tried to stick to just 5, I really did, but as one is obviously essential and another is from the same franchise, I had to accommodate for that.
The rules I’ve set myself are that the games need to be for the original Game Boy, which means I won’t be including Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color titles in this list. I’ll be saving them for another video at a later date.
I’ve also made the very difficult decision of not including the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening in this list, as the “DX” version will be featured in my Game Boy colour recommendations. It would have been my number 1 choice for sure, so give that a try if you are limited to just playing original Game Boy games.