Theme Hospital was one of my favourite MS-DOS games from the late 1990s, although being so late in the 90s, there was also a Windows 95 release. Initially released in 1997 for North America and 1998 in Europe by Electronic Arts and published by the ever creative Bullfrog Productions, it was the spiritual successor to Theme Park and offered a god style management game in, yup, a Hospital. Offering countless scenarios from the initial Bloaty Head to Invisibility, it was sheer gaming delight and I must have sunk hundreds of hours into this early micro management game. Theme Hospital really is something to write home about, if you have time, after playing for 3 days and nights consecutively.

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Join me as I spend about 15 minutes building a hospital, treating a few bloated heads, sacking a janitor for being seriously overpaid and then quitting like there was absolutely no tomorrow. All a day’s work in Theme Hospital.

There’s also a new HD Theme Hospital Open Source version for modern machines called CorsixTH. You can grab a copy at
If you need the original source files (because you’ve lost your copy down the back of the sofa), then head over to