Today on Epic Game Music I did an original guitar cover of Jim Sterling’s The Jimquisition Theme . The OST was composed by Drill Queen. This is a remix of a song entitled “Born Depressed” also stylized as BoRn DePresSed.
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The Jimquisition is a weekly YouTube video series in which Jim Sterling discusses current issues surrounding video games. Such topics include unethical business practices in the video game industry, gender issues and early access games. The series originally started on Destructoid’s YouTube channel and was later moved to The Escapist’s channel. As of June 2016, his other series include Best of Steam Greenlight, where he watches and comments on poorly made games and games that have been sold only using unaltered, pre-purchased assets (known as “asset flipping”), gameplays of different games released on Steam, often games of poor quality, Nitpick Theater, where he speaks intensely about issues within gaming that would usually not be noticed, tasty, a series where he plays video games available on under various topics, and Greenlight Good Stuff, a series where he makes videos about good game trailers on Steam Greenlight.
His main gameplay series is Jimpressions (formerly known as “Squirty Play”) which are done in the style of a Let’s play series, where he talks over his own gameplay. Sterling has often spoken against sexism in gaming. He is open about the fact that his position on this subject has slowly evolved.
In November 2014, Sterling announced that he was leaving The Escapist and intended to seek funding for his work independently through Patreon. He has also stated the desire to go back to writing articles and doing podcasts, which he wasn’t able to do since he left Destructoid. but has since done on his own website (, creating “The Podquisition”, a podcast that he shares with Gavin Dunne and Laura K Buzz. He started up a second podcast “The Spin-off Doctors” in which he and Conrad Zimmerman analyze movies which are based on video games, though they have mentioned they may move into comic book and other geek culture territory eventually.

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