We’re finally at the last Mega Man game released for the NES.  Mega Man 6 was released in 1993, a full TWO YEARS after the SNES had come out.  This game is often looked at in a higher light than Mega Man 4 and 5, but in a lower light than 2 and 3.  How does it hold up today?  Let’s find out.

This game’s Robot Masters weren’t built by Dr. Wily, but instead are robots from all around the world competing in a tournament.

Mega Man 6 tasks Mega Man with taking on the mysterious Mr. X, who, at this point, is hardly trying to not look like Dr. Wily.  This guy is obviously Dr. Wily, and I’m not gonna bother pretending he’s not.  Mega Man has decided to compete in the 1st ever Robot World Tournament, with the masters this time coming from all over the world.  I LOVE this aspect, as each Robot Master has a unique look to its stage.  The robot masters are Blizzard Man, Tomahawk Man, Centaur Man, Yamato Man, Plant Man, Flame Man, Knight Man, and Wind Man.  After taking down Mr. X’s castle, Mega Man takes down Dr. Wily’s castle, and all is well in the world again.  Mega Man 6 is one of the easiest games in the series, with Energy Tanks being scattered throughout the game, and the robot masters and bosses being quite easy to defeat.  The level design in Mega Man 6 is very good, and I admire how each level is still unique this far into the series.  The only time I had difficulty getting through the levels were when there was either cheap enemy placement or cheap spike placement.  Besides placement of hazards, Mega Man 6 is beatable in under two hours.  Even the castles don’t take very long to get through, which is surprising since there are two of them.   There are several new elements in Mega Man 6.  Rush’s abilities have become adaptors for Mega Man to use.  He’ll fuse with Rush and be able to fly for a short amount of time with Jet and be able to shoot powerful fists with Power.  Beat is back as well, but the method to obtain his ability is different this time.  Instead of finding letters, four of the robot masters have alternate paths to get to them, and Mega Man needs to find them, and after beating the master through that path, he obtains the letter.  Finally, the energy balancer is introduced in this game.  The energy balancer lets mega man regain weapon energy for the weapon with the lowest ammunition when he’s in regular form.  It’s nice to not have to switch to the certain ability you want to refill when you get ammo, but it also might not fill the one you want it to.  Mega Man 6’s controls are the same as Mega Man 5’s, with the exception of Rush Jet Adaptor.  The Jet Pack is a nice addition, but the momentum is too exaggerated.  When Mega Man is falling, the Jet pack doesn’t take him up immediately, and I died numerous times because of that.  Besides this, the controls and gameplay of Mega Man 6 have aged very well.

Mega Man using the Rush Jet Adaptor

The music and graphics of Mega Man 6 are top notch.  This game might be one of the best looking games on the NES.  Levels are detailed, the production values are amazing, and the enemy sprites are great.  The soundtrack to this game is the best Mega Man soundtrack since Mega Man 3, with Flame Man and Mr. X’s Castle being my favorite themes.  The music and graphics of Mega Man 6 are the best so far.

This game looks amazing

Mega Man 6 is still an amazing game.  In my opinion, Mega Man 6 is the second best Mega Man game on the NES next to Mega Man 2.  This game is a great game without being too hard or too long.  Mega Man 6 has aged very well.