Mega Man 5 is a game that many people overlook in the Mega Man series.  Released in 1992, still for the NES, I can understand why people would skip it.  The NES is a great console, but it’s by no means short on Mega Man games.  Not only were gamers probably getting sick of Mega Man games, but the SNES was already out for over a year at the time of Mega Man 5’s release.  This game, like 4, isn’t talked about much, but is it a good game today?

The new robot masters.

Starting off, as usual, the gameplay is the same for the most part.  The only changes this time around are that the charge shot is a lot larger, making it easier to hit things.  This time, Mega Man is tasked with going after Proto Man, who has seemingly turned evil.  Mega Man must defeat the eight new robot masters, who in this game are known as Star Man, Gravity Man, Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Napalm Man, Stone Man, Charge Man, and Wave Man.  The gameplay is like, literally the same as Mega Man 4, with the exception of one new aspect.  In each level, there is a letter you can find, with all of the letters spelling M-E-G-A-M-A-N-V.  After collecting all of these letters, you gain the ability to summon Beat the bird, who will help you defeat enemies and bosses.  A few stages also have their own gimmick in this game.  Star Man’s stage has anti gravity controls, letting Mega Man jump very high.  Gravity Man’s stage has the gravity changing frequently, with Mega Man sometimes having to walk on the ceiling and making the player deal with reversed controls.  Wave Man’s stage has a jet skiing segment that can be quite difficult.  Though there a few difficult segments in the game, Mega Man 5 is honestly one of the easiest games in the series.  I rarely have any trouble playing it.  After Mega Man defeats Proto Man, he finds out that it wasn’t the real Proto Man, instead being a robot created by Dr. Wily, and Mega Man must once again take on Wily.  While nothing is really new in the gameplay, besides Beat, one jetskiing segment in Wave Man’s stage, and the Letters, nothing is wrong either.  Though overlooked, I find Mega Man 5 very enjoyable.  The level design, in my opinion, is some of the best in the series.  I have played and beaten Mega Man 5 from start to finish twice before, and I have never had a bad time while playing.  I honestly find Mega Man 5 more enjoyable than every game previously discussed besides Mega Man 2.  The controls are fine, with the exception of the Jet Skiing segment, which feels a bit clunky.  Besides the Jet Skiing segment, Mega Man 5 is still a very exceptional NES game.

Star Man’s beautiful stage, set in space.

The graphics are also unsurprisingly good for the NES.  Capcom continued using the NES to its full potential in Mega Man 5, and it really shows.  Levels are detailed and the bosses look great.  Mega Man 5 still looks amazing today, even as an NES game.  The music is great as usual, Mega Man 5 has a great track for each Robot Master Stage.  Mega Man 5’s graphics and music are still great.

This game is quite good looking.

Mega Man 5 is such an underrated game.  I never hear people talking about it when talking about the best Mega Man games, and it honestly makes me sad.  Mega Man 5 is one of the most solid games in the series, and I have no problem saying that it’s aged very well.