It’s finally over.  Here we are, at the final game in the Megathon.  This is going to be a Games Growing Up in name only, as Mega Man 10 was released only in 2010, once again for digital services.  This game follows Mega Man as he tackles the Roboenza virus, a disease that affects robots, and Dr. Wily, who was the creator of the virus in the first place.  At the end of the game, Mega Man himself catches the virus, but is cured by Roll, who gives her medicine to him.  After Dr. Wily is defeated, Mega Man cannot kill him, and discovers that Wily is very sick, forcing him to take Wily to a hospital.  Wily escapes the Hospital after recovering, but not before leaving enough medicine to cure every robot of the disease.  This is the last official appearance of Doctor Wily in the Mega Man Classic Series.

This game’s Robot Masters

The new robot masters this time around are Blade Man, Pump Man, Commadno Man, Chill Man, Sheep Man, Nitro Man, Strike Man, and Solar Man.  I honestly find these masters and their stages quite unique, with Strike Man and Sheep Man’s stages standing out.  Strike Man has a soccer/football gimmick attached to his stage, and Sheep Man having a computer gimmick for his.  While the level design isn’t as good as 9’s in my opinion, it’s still very good.

Mega Man 10 as a game isn’t as hard as Mega Man 9, but it has a difficulty setting.  If you play on Easy Mode, the game is gonna be a joke, while if you play on hard mode, the game WILL be Mega Man 9 levels of hard.  I stuck with normal mode for my playthrough with Mega Man.

Bass and Proto Man are playable as DLC Characters, with Proto Man playing exactly like he did in Mega Man 9, and Bass controlling similarly to Mega Man and Bass, but not completely.  Bass now dashes the same way Mega Man slides, by pressing the jump button while holding down.  Bass’s double jump is also absent in this game.  Once again, Mega Man cannot charge his shot or slide, so playing as Bass and Proto Man is quite fun if you want something new.  I have no problems with the controls, as Mega Man’s and Proto Man’s are the same as Mega Man 9, and Bass is almost identical.

Proto Man faces Dr. Wily

As you can probably tell, Mega Man 10 is very similar to Mega Man 9 in gameplay.  One thing I didn’t mention in the Mega Man 9 review is that there are special challenges that can be done when not playing through story mode.  These are alterations of the regular levels with time limits and other handicaps.  I never really bothered with them, honestly, they didn’t interest me.  The shop is also back, but it’s pretty much the same as Mega Man 9’s.

Mega Man 10’s music is once again spectacular.  I enjoyed most of the stage themes and Wily Castle themes.  Mega Man 10’s graphics are once again 8-bit, and once again they look great for an 8-bit game.  Just like Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10 has solid looks and sounds.

Mega Man 10 is a fine game, but I’m sure you noticed that I compared it to Mega Man 9 a bunch.  Since the game was released only a little over a year later, it feels incredibly similar to 9.  Mega Man 9 is a great game, so this isn’t bad, but when I think of Mega Man 10, I don’t feel that the game really has an identify for itself.  It just feels like more Mega Man 9.  Despite lacking an identity, I still think Mega Man 10 is a good game.

This game’s level design is solid.

Wow.  11 articles.  11 Mega Man games.  The Megathon is now over, for now at least.  I plan on reviewing Mega Man 11 upon its release later this year, but that will serve as an epilogue to this marathon.  It’s been a blast going back through all of the Mega Man classic series games.  If you managed to stick around through this entire Marathon, thank you.  Next time, for the first time since October, I will be looking at a non Mega Man game.  To celebrate Wrestlemania, I’ll be looking at WWE Smackdown!: Here Comes The Pain!