It was one year ago this week that I started the Megathon.  I reviewed every single Classic Series Mega Man game consecutively, and I consider that some of my best work on this site.  During the marathon, Mega Man 11 was announced.  As promised, here’s the review of Mega Man 11 as an epilogue to three month marathon.

Mega Man 11 is the first classic series Mega Man game since Mega Man 10 was released in 2010.  Released only a month ago on October 2, 2018, it’s not that long of a game, but it’s definitely interesting, with several new features.

Mega Man uses the speed gear

The story of Mega Man 11 is that Dr. Wily and Dr. Light are still in the same feud they’ve had since University, shown in a dream of Wily’s.  Outside of the dream, Wily storms Dr. Light’s laboratory, and puts all of this game’s robot masters under mind control, and uses his new double-gear technique on them.  This double-gear technique lets robots use one gear to slow down time and the other gear to make themselves more powerful.  Mega Man can also use the double-gear technique, and when his health is low, he can use both at the same time.

This game’s lineup of robot masters consists of Block Man, Acid Man, Impact Man, Bounce Man, Fuse Man, Tundra Man, Torch Man, and Blast Man.  These robot masters look really great and have interesting but very tough battles.  One thing I noticed was how difficult and long the robot master stages and boss fights are.  Block Man’s stage is a gauntlet, and Acid Man’s stage is super spike-heavy in rooms of shifting momentum.  Torch Man and Tundra Man’s stages are also pretty difficult, but the rest are fun.  Wily Castle 1 is one of the hardest Wily stages in Mega Man history, with several bottomless pits with tiny platforms.  The first boss I faced was Block Man, who has multiple phases to his fight.  With no strong weapons yet, I had to use several E Tanks in the fight.  There are once again bolts that are used as currency in the shop, which has a ton of returning and new abilities.  The most helpful ability is by far the Power Shield, which reduces the amount that Mega Man is knocked backwards when attacked.  The knockback was horrendous, and still isn’t fun to experience with the shield; there are several parts in the game where you need to perfectly jump from platform to platform over a bottomless pit without getting hit once, because the knockback will cause you to die.  The game was challenging, and the knockback really sucks, but through trials and tribulations and learning the double-gear technique I became a Mega Man expert once again.

Mega Man powers through a stage

The controls in Mega Man 11 are very tight, but I noticed a bit of unresponsiveness during sequences that require a lot of button presses.  These weren’t super common though, and it didn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of the game.  I was playing on PS4, and moving with the DPad was really fluid.  The controls were fine for the most part.

This game looks and sounds amazing!  While no level theme stands out in my head, I remember them all being really good.  The game is also pure eye candy to look at in HD.  This is the best looking Mega Man game by far.

This game looks beautiful

Mega Man 11 is a great return to form for the Blue Bomber.  I had a ton of fun through the four hour adventure, and recommend the game to anybody wanting to get into the series.  Mega Man 11 is a fun time for sure.