Find out how Magnetic Video Corporation became the first company to sell motion pictures on VHS.

There are so many cool people out there who continually highlight the retro stuff we love. So, I wanted tell you about on in particular.

These days, it’s hard to come up with an original concept for a YouTube channel. But VHS Beta Opening Preview Lover 1991 has found one. Remember how you used to see the FBI warning, distributor logos and movie previews before the feature presentation.

Well, on this channel you’ll find tons of openings from tons of movies. Including one of my favorite company logos, from Magnetic Video Corporation.

After seeing this logo, I had to find out more about Magnetic Video Corpration.

Turns out that the company was the first to release motion pictures on VHS and Betamax back in 1977.

The founder of the company was film producer Andre Blay. He produced films like They Live and Brain Damage.

He talked 20th Century Fox into letting him release 50 of their films onto home video.

Then, from his headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, he created the Video Club of America, which mailed these Hollywood films to consumers. It seems like no big deal, but no one had sold movies on video tapes to consumers before. Blay got the word out about the Club by putting an ad in TV Guide.

Then, just two years later, Fox would buy Magnetic Video Corporation and turn them into 20th Century Fox Video.

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