Hey everyone!  It’s me, Dexter Morrill!

I’m baaaaack!!!

From October 2012 to September 2015, I created the web comic series, Power Strip, for the Retroware site!

During my 2-year absence I began developing a digital comic, called The Fate of Owari, about the methods currently being used to preserve retro video games.  My goal is to share my research on the topic with you all, as well as exhibit my artwork on a regular basis.

The story of the comic revolves around a fictional, unpublished, 30-year old video game named The Fate of Owari.  As the years pass and technology advances, the game remains hidden and spends most of its time forgotten and collecting dust.  However, inside of the game and within the digital code, the fictional world of Owari and its characters continue to live.  Now, in the present day, pieces of Owari are corrupting, dissolving and ceasing to exist.  Meanwhile, in the real world, The Fate of Owari prototype cartridge has serendipitously found its way into the hands of a couple of unsuspecting pre-teen girls.  These middle schoolers play the game and find themselves simultaneously exploring the dying world of Owari with the characters inside of the game.  As the rest of the plot unfolds, the main characters discover the pros and cons of physical and digital video game preservation.  Time is of the essence as the girls and the game characters search for the best way to preserve the fragile fate of Owari from the inside and out…before it’s too late.

Stay tuned for more story and more artwork!