The Atari ST is a machine which emerged in 1985 and immediately went head to head with the Amiga 1000. The Atari ST is known for Games, music, desktop publishing and in a lot of cases, being a poorer version of the Amiga, but that’s not always the case, and to begin with the ST outsold the Amiga by a fair margin. It comes in many forms, The Atari STFM, Atari STE, even the follow up, the Atari Falcon. In this video we’ll explore them all, along with Atari ST Games, Atari ST Music and the story of Commodore, Atari, Tramel Technology and the man himself, Jack Tramiel, who left Commodore, bought Atari and went head to head with his former company in the epic 80s battle of the first 16 bit home computers.

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