Quest for the All-Games: Page 08a

Chapter 2 continues with HVGN distracting King Koopa for Ben of VGTO. How does their plan work out?

Derek’s Awakening

What will it take for HVGN to review Chrono Trigger?

Happy Video Game Nerd – Point Blank Trilogy (PS1)

RWtv’s Light Gun Games Event keeps on rolling! This time […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Eternal Darkness

Last Halloween, Derek said he had a score to settle, […]

Gettin’ Super Nerdy – Resident Evil 4 Preview Disk

After many requests, Derek walks through the Resident Evil 4 […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Hexen 64

Derek and special guest Eric Lappe aka LET’S GET!! take […]

Game Quickie: 1080 Snowboarding

In a time before SSX and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Earthbound (Re-Edit)

Say “Fuzzy Pickles”! The Happy Nerd revisits, reedits and expands […]

Happy Video Game Nerd – Gargoyle’s Quest Trilogy

Better late than never! The Happy Nerd, with a special […]

Is It Really That Bad? – Resident Evil Survivor

The worst-reviewed Resident Evil game ever! Join Derek and special […]

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