Have you ever wanted to play one of the fastest, most difficult space shooters of all time? Here’s your chance.

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced Western gamers will finally get the opportunity to play Summer Carnival ’92: Recca, a fast-paced spaceship shooter that pushed the Famicom hardware to its limits, on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.



The game’s Western release could bring relief to plenty of people who wanted to obtain this game legally, but didn’t want to pay the high prices the game commands on eBay.

Developer Naxat Soft released the game for a shooting competition called the Summer Carnival in Japan. Only a few copies of the game were actually sold, and now people hoard them like copies of Earthbound.

A North American release date was not announced, but European gamers will get a chance to download the game on Aug. 15.


Source: Nintendo Direct, 2013
Author: Jeremy Turnage
Editor: Shane Luis