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Hello everyone! Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the U.S. and to honor all the great mothers in my life and others out there across the internet I thought I’d take this time to explore the best Mothers in video games. It seems like a simple list, right? Well before I compiled candidates I had a few simple rules for qualification:

  • Eligible moms must be a positive influence on the game or the player. We’re looking for Good character. Crazies and dark hears like Dahlia Gillespie from Silent Hill and Jenova from Final Fantasy VII may have big impacts on stories and characters but they are out.
  • They must have at least one moment in the game with a main/player character that set’s up something important.
  • Must at least be present somewhat in the Mother-child dynamic in game. Nostlgic memories or letters from the past aren’t going to cut it.
  • Going to try to stick to the retro guidelines so nothing within the last ten years.

Those are my rules. I promised I’d stick with them while making this list and while I admit it is still a simple topic I have to say it, well… let’s just say I wasn’t saddled with the burden of being overwhelmed with options. Ok. Here we go:


5) Chrono’s Mom- Chrono Trigger 1995 (SNES/PS1/DS/Vurtual Console)

Oh, Chrono’s mother. What can I say about Chrono’s mother? Seriously. What can I say? She seems nice. She reminds Chrono about his plans at the fair. She does so in a cheerful enough manner so I assume that she’s nice and that they have a happy relationship… uh… If she hadn’t woken Chrono up at the start of the game he would have missed half of the big fair and the main events of Chrono Trigger wouldn’t have happened, so without her, we wouldn’t have a game and possibly by proxy be would have lost all hope of the world being saved. Yeah. Told ya. She’s Important. I promise.

Chrono's mom


4) Red/Blue’s Mom- Pokemon Red and Blue 1996 (GB/Virtual Console)

You know what’s great about the mom in the original Pokemon Games? Tough Love. She’s there for you from the start, but she’s always pushing you towards independence. She know’s you want to go on your big journey, at a intriguingly young age I might add, but does she fret and whine and try to stop you? No. She let’s you go because she knows you can’t be coddled forever and that the real world isn’t easy. You can’t just laze about, you gotta get going. In the real world there are challenges, hordes and hordes of Zubats, and Team Rocket. You gotta have strength if you’re gonna make it. And whenever you visit home tired and torn, she’s there for you to make you feel better and help you rest up. A minimalist mom, but a good mom.

Pokemon Mom


3) Ness’s Mom- Earthbound 1995 (NES/GBA/Virtual Console)

Ness’s Mother. Now we’re getting to someone with some substance. She share some qualities with The Mom from Pokemon, but she has more range and depth. When meteorites fall, roughinans go wild, and strange things start happening in Onett, Ness’s mom doesn’t worry and keep her boy inside, fearful of the oddities appearing in the world, she let’s him go. She has faith in him to succeed in a larger than life adventure because she loves and has faith in her son. Of course, she doesn’t really jus let him go. She always has a reserve of your favorite food on hand when you come home and is never really more than just a phone call away. In fact for a majority of the game Ness can’t go one too far without her. When he misses his mother and his performance in battle starts to fall to pieces, only her loving voice can bring him out of his storm clouds. And if that wasn’t enough, (SPOILERS) Her prayers for his success against the ultimate evil are one of the true pillars to good’s triumph over evil.

Ness mom


2) Maria/Queen Mary- Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings (NES/GBA/Wii U)

Maria, the great-grandmother of Ninten the Protagonist of Mother/Earthbound Beginnings is an interesting choice because while she lacks the nurturing nature and direct contact of Ness’s Mom she she is far more important to the plot, game structure, and pretty much everything else that drives Mother or makes it tick. (SPOILERS from here on!) Maria was abducted long before the start of the game and became a motherly figure to a little alien called Giegue. She instilled feelings of love and warmth into his heart and came to an unknown fate in the cosmos. Over the course of the game she presents herself as Queen Mary, a persona created with Magicant as a part of her fading consciousness. Magicant is Ninten’s safe place. Everyone is his friend, many services are free, and it’s the perfect location for strong grinding. Here in her castle is where Mary gives you the main objective of collecting melodies, that in turn create a song that awakens Giegue’s love for his mother and in the end, that is the key to saving the world. By nurturing and and guiding Ninten as a great grandmother and showing Giegue true maternal love she is a true unsung hero of the series.

Queen MAry


Hinawa- Mother 3 (GBA/Wii U…only in Japan)

(This whole entry is a spoiler so skip it if you haven’t played Mother 3

Hinawa is the link that ties the character traits between Ness’s Mom and Maria. Hinawa is a loving mother to two vivacious boys the twins Lucas and Claus and from her early actions with them at the start of the game and her letters to her husband Flint it is obvious she loves them both  very much. Despite this, I would normally personally, place her a peg behind Maria because her pronounced presence isn’t as big. However, drastic measures earn true recognition. Early In the game it is revealed that Hinawa died trying to protect her her children. Her love and concern for them was paid with the ultimate price, and it doesn’t stop there. Her otherworldly influence is seen at a few key moments throughout the game, guiding Lucas to important points and in the end restoring Humanity the brainwashed Claus. Hinawa’s greatness as a mother shines through from the depths that she goes through to help her children and make their corrupting world a better place. She not only plays Mother for her children, but by expansion the entire world.



That’s it for me. There really aren’t too many “good” mom’s in games that have a semblance of depth. I  had trouble with this one, . I mean, three of the five entries are from the same series, but they are from the “Mother” series, so I say it makes sense this time.


Who would you say are some of the great good moms in video games? Leave a comment below.