So, when some people can’t sleep, they try to go back to sleep. They drink tea, listen to soothing music, read a book. Something like that. Sometimes when people still can’t sleep after that they do something productive like clean their room, finish some work, or maybe plan out the next day. I myself have written some good articles in the dark hours of the night, (such as my article on Working Designs or Enemy Zero,) and sometimes, when people still don’t, like for a day and a half let’s say, they lose some inhibition and put their shy faces on camera and ramble for 30 minutes. Like I have done this weekend.


My gamers and geeks, here is that video for you.


Honestly speaking, I have been wanting to do something on my collection for a while now, as well as practice being on camera more for future projects so I’m glad I’m putting this out there. It’s a liiiitle awkward and obviously unscripted, but I hope you all enjoy it. If anyone wants more info on my collection leave a comment and we can talk some more.

My next post will be the usual article. (Will I resume my games as art series? check back in a week to find out~!) Till then, play on my friends!