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Hello gang. If you haven’t guessed from today’s title, I’m feeling really sick. I was planning on writing up an article on how comforting coping mechanisms tie into gaming and collecting. However, since I am preoccupied with trying to stop my stomach from feeling like a balloon overstuffed with angry, twitchy snakes I am unable to compile said article with the proper level of quality you all deserve. Instead, I want to try an experiment. Not just because I want to get away from the keyboard and into bed faster, but also because I love hearing what you all have to say.

What I want to know from everyone who reads my column are just a few short things. I will take the data you all give me and mix it into the next article sourcing all contributors.


I want to know:

-Were games something you used for comfort from stress, illness, etc.?

-If so what games/types of games did you chose?

-Was it effective?

-How has this affected your life today? Are you a collector? A gaming mentor? Etc.


Here’s my example:

-Games were something I used to distract myself from worry as a kid. Especially when I was sick. I got (and still get) sick a lot.

-When I was a kid, my go-to comfort game was Super Mario Land 2. Now I prefer games where I can explore without consequence for comfort/de-stressing. Today it’s animal crossing.

-It’s effective as a distraction but not a cure. It lowers anxiety.

-I am a collector. Nowadays I try to pass on how this helped me to younger family members. It builds a  nice bomb.


Ok, that’s it for me you guys. I’m going to down some stomach medicine and lie still for the next 6 hours. I really hope this works! I always value your comments and I’m excited to see how I can work all of our thoughts together.