This video is about ZX Spectrum Games. But with all this #Brexit shenanigans (if you’re visiting this page from some time in the future, this was the point when the UK committed suicide, and Donald Trump.. the bloke who started WWIII visited Scotland, like a total douche bag and annoyed the hell out of everyone), it feels a good day to remind ourselves of a time when Britain was united, exciting and accepting of the new digital computer era. A time when the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was the home computer king, and the extensive software library ensured that there were no shortage of games to choose from. Even pocket money games were worth having, regardless of whether you knew what you were getting or not. In this episode of Top 7 I explore my favourite Sinclair ZX Spectrum games from my youth. The list is biased, purely subjective and filled with nostalgia as I discuss my first and favourite home computer experience… The 48k (and 128k) Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

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