The Sinclair ZX81 (or the Timex 1000 as it was sold in the USA), is in many ways, the father of the home micro computer scene. Although it wasn’t the first machine Sinclair released, it was certainly the one to achieve significant success and make a massive impact on the lives of British households (and a more limited impact in the States and other countries). The ZX81 delivered micro computing for the everyday man, as it was priced to be affordable regardless of the sacrifices this meant to hardware. Incorporating only 1KB of RAM and a Z80 processor, it was slightly upgraded from the ZX80, but remarkably, even cheaper at just £69.95 back in 1981. It couldn’t do much without an additional RAM pack, but it was the ideal machine to delve into BASIC and learn what computers were all about. Join me as I look at it’s history, the marketing strategy used to sell over 1.5 million of the units, it’s uses, a selection of ZX81 games and what the legacy of this amazing little micro was. And of course, I talk about Sir Clive Sinclair quite a bit as well.

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Sinclair ZX81

A Sinclair ZX81 in it’s beautiful flesh…