Although this video involves many companies such as Sinclair Radionics, Sinclair Instrument Ltd, Thandar Ltd and Cambridge Processor Unit, it boils down to the trading names of Acorn Computers and Sinclair Research Ltd and the rivalry between them during the early 1980s era of home computers. Each company respectively owned by Chris Curry (and Herman Hauser) and Clive Sinclair. This video charts the whole story from the inception of Clive Sinclair’s first company, Sinclair Radionics, to when Chris Curry started working for him, to when he left and formed Acorn and when the rivalry of early ’80s micros set in with each company trying to compete against other in gaming, educational and professional markets.

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Join me starting some time in the early ’60s for a journey that doesn’t really finish until this very day, as we visit Sinclair’s Black Watch, the Newbury Newbrain (later it would become the Grundy Newbrain), the Sinclair ZX80, the ZX81, the Spectrum, Sinclair QL and the Spectrum 128k+…. and on Acorn’s side, the Acorn System 1, System 2, System 3, Acorn Atom, Acorn Proton, BBC Micro, BBC Micro B, Acorn Electron, BBC Master, Acorn Archimedes and finishing up with the RISC ARM processors developed by the Acorn team in the mid-late 1980s.

Acorn Electron Advert

An Acorn Electron Advert from the mid 1980s

Sinclair Spectrum Advert

An early Sinclair ZX Spectrum Advert from the early 1980s