I take a look at Sega’s 32 bit machine from 1995; the Sega Saturn. Launched early in a bid to scupper Sony’s Playstation, it suffered from a lack of launch titles and a price tag which was £100 dearer than Sony’s offering. Coupled with this, the hardware architecture for the Saturn was more complicated than the Playstation, leading many developers to jump ship onto Sony’s hardware. Sadly this lead to the Saturn having a shorter and more limited life than it’s rival, but never the less, Sega’s penultimate console had a lot to offer, and in some ways was better than Sony’s and Nintendo’s offerings from this generation. Join me as I take a quick inspection of this vintage machine. I look at the hardware, look at some accessories and play some games, including the launch title, Virtua Fighter, along with Sega Rally, Nights into Dreams (along with the 3D control pad) and Alien Trilogy.