The Sega Dreamcast was Sega’s final foray into the home console hardware market, but what a machine to go out on. The Dreamcast packed a huge punch when it came to graphics and sound, and even arrived on the market before the Playstation 2 and Xbox. Like it’s predecessor it boasted Hitachi processing power, but this time in a more “off the shelf” setup than it’s custom older brother. Sadly the Dreamcast again failed to reach it’s sales goals, selling just under 10 million units, with most gamers holding out for their beloved Playstation 2. Which is a shame, as the Dreamcast really was a ground breaking console, even offering internet and online multiplayer via. it’s Dreamkey service. It was massively under-rated by any sense of the measure. Join me on this quick inspection as I look at the console and some of it’s games.