Russ Lyman Saves Halloween 2016 revolves around a Freddy Kruger Pinball machine and Hi-C Ecto Cooler taken kids souls two Freddy can get his body back and take over Halloween. Will Russ Lyman be able to reverse the effects from the haunted pinball machine and save halloween?? Find out

Russ Lyman Saves Halloween was written by Russ Lyman with help from Sal Fiorillo and random other friends with ideas and tips
Russ Lyman Saves Halloween YouTube Video submissions
(in order of appearance)

Robert Santellan
youtube channel-

His and Her Play

Hello KittyBot

Happy Beard Games

My friend Ernie Mangone dressed as Mario

Ed from His and Her play at work using their Vending Machine

Tom Ryan’s Studio

The Co-Op Collectors

** Retro World Expo 2016 Youtube Celebs **

Joe Granato from The New 8bit Heroes

Pat the NES Punk

Antoinette Carey

Pixel Dan

8 bit Allí (Allí Flanagan)

Eric Lappe (Retroware TV)

Shady Jay (the Game Chasers)

John Lester (Gamester 81)

Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage)

** Commercials **

Ghostbusters Cereal
taken from Thessair

Creepy Crawlers
taken from Jakks Pacific

My Pet Monster
Taken from Rachel Rehouse

Hi-C Ecto Cooler
taken from RetroStatic

Simpsons Burger King
taken from RPGs For Raccoons

** Music **
(in Order of Appearance)

Artist: Bobby Pickett
Song: Monster Mash
time code: opening
Taken from

Artist: Warez Waldo
Song: Motherboard Maintenance
Album: The Arrival
time code: 3:29

Artist: Journey
Song: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Album: Frontiers
Time Code:6:25

Scene 9 Pinball reveal song written by Sal Fiorillo
time code: 7:34

Scene 12 Kris wakes up in dream world song
written by Sal Fiorillo
time code: 9:40
Artist: Silent Partner
Song: Sophomore Makeout
Source: Youtube Sound Library
Time code 11:35

Artist: Doomcloud
Song: Brain Bashin’ 101
Album: Doomcloud
Time code 12:08

Scene 17b John gets to the warehouse
written by Sal Fiorillo
time code: 13:47

Artist: Warez Waldo
Song: Intergalactic Intermissions
Album: the Arrival
Time Code: 16:10

Mike Drinks the Ecto Cooler Song
written by Sal Fiorillo
time Code : 16:44

John gets to the warehouse
written by Sal Fiorillo
time Code: 17:29

Russ returns to Retro Games Plus song
written by Sal Fiorillo
time code: 18:42

Artist: Jason Farnham
Song: World Map
Source: Youtube Audio Library
Time Code: 25:02

Artist: Silent Partner
Song: the Contractor General
Source: YouTube Audio Library
time code: 27:00

Artist: OxygenStar
Song: Downtown Roundabout
Album: Sucker Punch
time code: 28:16

Mortal Kombat Jonny Cage theme

kid dracula gameboy song
stage 8 final level taken from

The whole movie was shot with the following gear……


——— Camera———
Canon Rebel EOS T5i

Seatbelt Camera Strap (in Teal)

GoPro Hero 3 White Edition

Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

VONOTO Camera lens cap holder Cap Buckle


Rode VideoMic (on the Cannon)

Edutige Dual Microphone ETM-001 (on the GoPro

Edutige EGL-001 Mini USB to 3.5mm Microphone Adapter Cable for GoPro – 4.3 feet (1.3 Meters) – Black

——— Editing Software———

Final Cut Pro X

——— Computer used to Edit———

Macbook 2009 with 480 SSD