Hello everybody, I created Run, Play, Think! around 7 months ago because I had pretty much nothing better to do and nobody would hire me cause I’m legit crazy. I’ve made many friends and some videos along the way and I’m really happy with that. I know sometimes I don’t seem very happy, but you know what? I’m quite happy right now. That’s good isn’t it? Yes.

Run, Play, Think! has been coming out weekly except for two times where I couldn’t make an episode, because one time my homeless friend came to stay (he has a home now) and the other time I was doing some test video pieces for a possible job. Well that possibility has turned into a proper job, so I’ll have money now and be able to feed my kids. (I don’t have any kids, but if I did one of them would be called Garry) but it does mean I’d be a crazy man to try and make a episode of Run, Play, Think! once a week. But that doesn’t mean I won’t make an episode when I can. I’ll be honest, I don’t know how often that will be but I’ll damn well try. The good news is the job I’ll be starting is something I love very much, smashing bits of glass into smaller bits of glass making video content sort of about Video Games. I probably shouldn’t announce where it is yet, but I start Monday you’ll know where when it comes to Monday. Cult Taco.

I want to thank Lance and John for bringing me into the Retroware fold, for my money there’s no better set of people producing new exciting video about old stuff than everybody at Retroware. Just to be clear I’m not leaving Retroware, cause I love Retroware like my false son Garry. I want to give them all a nice big platonic hug. Oh and you too whomever may be reading this and watching my videos, I want to thank you the most.
Oh and here’s a new video

This isn’t a goodbye, I’ll see you lot later. PEACE