As we enter a season of DOS games, we find ourselves with Rise of the Triad. One of my favourite MS-DOS games, developed and distributed by Apogee in 1994 as a shareware release known as “Rise of the Triad: The Hunt Begins”, swiftly followed by the retail edition “Rise of the Triad: Dark War” distributed through Apogee’s shareware model and by FormGen. In this episode we look at the origins of the game, how it began as Wolfenstein 3D Part 2; a Wolfenstein 3D sequel and changed into something much bigger. We look at the team involved, the stories behind the development and what happened after the game launched. We also take a thorough look at the game itself. The quirks. The “remote ridicules”, the gibs, the endless blood soaked gibs, the crazy weapons such as the “Drunk Missle” and the crazy levels and quirks that made Rise of the Triad such an amazing DOS game in the mid 90s.

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