RetroWorld Expo 2016 will be held at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT on Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th.  Click HERE for tickets and more information


RWX is a celebration of Classic and Retro Video Gaming that also embraces Tabletop Gaming, Modern Video Gaming, Homebrew Gaming, Anime, Action Figures, Comic Books, Cosplay, Arcade Machines, and much more.

Lose yourself in the Time Warp Arcade, a collection of 30 classic arcade machines all set to free play.

Come and play any of our 40+ classic video game consoles on as many old school tube TVs as we can get our hands on.  From the common Nintendo Entertainment system and Sega Genesis to the Vectrex and Neo Geo, we have something for the whole family.  Maybe challenge Mom or Dad in one of our free tournaments.

Enjoy Tabletop games?  So do we!  Come and play and of the 75+ games in our freeplay tabletop library.  Curious about tabletop?  Learn how to play a new game from our friendly volunteer staff as well as representatives from major tabletop game publishers.RWX-1138

We are changing the concert structure this year.  Instead of waiting to start the concerts until after dinner time, we are going to have a stage set up all day Saturday and all day Sunday so that everyone will be able to enjoy awesome video game inspired music.


2 Day Badge $38.50

Saturday Badge $27.50

Sunday Badge $16.50

RetroWorld Expo T-Shirt and Pin $22

 Parking at the Oakdale Theater is Free



We sold out of T-Shirts very quickly last year.  We want to make sure that everyone who wants a T-Shirt gets a T-Shirt.  We partnered with Rich Smith of The Rich Smith Robot for this year’s T-Shirt design and we think he hit it out of the park.


This is the first Pin in the RetroWorld Expo pin series.  Get the RetroWorld Expo 2016 T-Shirt AND Pin for $22 when you pre-order.  We will have other merchandise options at the show but we don’t want to give everything away at once.