Hello everyone! This is Mike Anthony, your friendly neighborhood editor for written content here on Retroware with a special announcement:

As of today, Retroware TV is on the hunt for new staff writers and columnists to post regularly on the site!

We are looking for writers that are driven, talented, have a unique idea or voice, love to write, are eager to interact with the Retroware community, and above all else, have a strong love for retro games and retro tech.

If you think any of this fits you, then please, by all means, take a look at the application below and apply! I and fellow editor Jeremy Pierce, are eager to read through your ideas and applications. Even if you aren’t quite sure your idea for a column or series will fit or not, go ahead and throw it out there. You never what will get picked.


If you plan to be at Retroworld Expo this weekend, feel free to approach me or Jeremy with questions or thoughts on being a writer here at Retroware TV. We’ll be happy to chat for a little while. We will also have flyers with the applications on them at the Retroware booth.

Hope to see you all there!


Me mike Anthony                                             Jeremy Pierce

Mike on the left and Jeremy on the right. Come say hi if you’re going to be at Retroworld Expo!



Please answer the questions below. Attach any additional writing samples or documents to your reply email along with this form. Please put your name in the title of your writing sample (in .doc format) so we can keep track of them easier. Be specific and good luck!

Your Name:

Email address:

Gaming Experience:

Preferred Game systems (retro and/or modern):

Writing Experience:

What experience do you have with blogging/writing tools? (like: WordPress)

Why do you want to write for Retroware?

How Familiar are you with the Retroware TV website and our staff content?

Do you visit or contribute to the User Content section of the site?

Are there any days that work especially well/don’t work at all with your writing schedule?

(Please keep in mind that depending on the volume of quality applications submitted you will be scheduled to post one a week or e very other week.)

Briefly describe the column you want to write for us:

Please either attach either two previous writing samples or one previous sample with a sample/proposal piece for the column you want to write for Retroware. (Keep all new writing samples under 1000 words):

Send all applications, writing samples, etc. to Michael Anthony & Jeremy Pierce at:


*Please note we are unable to offer monetary compensation for writers.