Many of you may already know about Pier Solar and some of you may be lucky enough to own a copy.  For those who don’t know what Pier Solar is, watch the video below (Cliff’s Notes: it’s a remarkable RPG for the Mega Drive/Genesis and a beautiful love letter to the turn-based RPG of the 16-Bit era – it’s also the largest 16-Bit RPG ever running in at 64MEG.

The Meticulously Crafted Classic Edition Game Package

The Full Color Book & Additional Soundtrack Sega CD (it provides original CD music with the cartridge game play!)

For the next episode of Retroware TV The Podcast, John D will interview the president of WaterMelon Games, Tulio Adriano, all about the Pier Solar experience, the game, and the new Kickstarter.

The interview will be this Wednesday, Novemeber 20th so if you have any questions you’d like to ask, please leave them in the comments below or tweet @retrowaretv with the hashtag #PierSolarRW and we’ll get them into the interview.  Ask great questions because it helps make my job easier!

Until then, get a copy of this game and donate to the Kickstarter – it ends December 5th.

Watermelon Games Website

Pier Solar Website

Pier Solar HD Kickstarter

Pier Solar Game Play Scenes (listen to that great music)