Greetings and salutations Retroware fans and devotees, we have some exciting news! The long dormant articles section of the site is soon to be resurrected! The writers search that was held a few months back was a success and after spending some time combing through applications and making some tweaks and adjustments behind the scenes we ready to reboot things and once again put out a steady stream of new written content.

On January 25th, this coming Monday, the site will once again be featuring a full biweekly rotating lineup of articles that will be regularly updated for Retroware fans to browse through. Every Monday through Friday we plan to have new written content and Saturday-Sunday will be reserved for guest writers and veteran Retroware writers on a somewhat looser schedule. All in all we have seven new writers joining us with some old blood such as Mike Anthony, Jeremy Pierce, and Necro-M (writers of Still Loading, The Gaming Futurist, and Retrovison 20XX respectively) jumping back into action.

Our new, talented contributors are all very excited to be here and we are exited to have a fresh blast of creativity breeze through the site and mix things up. We have a wide breadth of styles, tones, and subjects for you all with the new content and we think everyone will be able to find something to enjoy.



We’ve had stuff in the works for ¬†while.

Columns will range from Corporate Gamer – a weekly look into the games we all know and love from the business perspective, and Break Down, which will cover in depth analysis on game narratives and themes, to Game and Toy which will take a look at franchises that are well known and established in the toy world along with the gaming world. I could list them all here and go on for a long time, but I feel that would ruin the fun of discovering everything as it comes out.



Only just a few of the new columns!

I hope you all find something new or rediscover something old that really reached out to all of you over the next few weeks, in fact I am fairly certain you will. So, come Monday, take a moment to check out the columns emerging on the site and enjoy.