RetroNewsflash - 20 May 2013


Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene.  After a gracious week off, we Retroware columnists are happy to be back in action! Bring on the briefs.





May 2013 is Banjo-Monthie on RetrowareTV

First off, welcome to Banjo-Monthie! Regardless of your opinion of this Nintendo 64 classic, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of its North American release, which occurred on May 31, 1998. You may have already noticed some other Retroware columnists showin’ some love to Rare’s (R.I.P.) classic game, and you can expect the lovefest to continue a little further as well. Remember those days when Rareware kept crankin’ out instant classics on the N64? What a great era.



ESPN Names Tecmo Super Bowl Greatest Sports Video Game Of All Time

And rightly so, right? Over a period of five consecutive weekdays, sports-media powerhouse ESPN unveiled one writer’s picks for the top 25 sports video games in history. On Friday of that week, the top 5 spots were revealed, with Tecmo nabbing the top spot above other contenders such as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and NHL 94. For the curious: The highest-rated NES baseball cartridge was Baseball Stars, which ended up getting the honors over R.B.I. Baseball.



The Game Chasers to Hold New Retro Gaming Convention in September in Texas

If your schedule is clear in September, and you can make the travel arrangements, all signs point to Retropalooza being a blast. Retroware’s own Game Chasers, Billy & Jay, are taking hand in organizing the event, and are already hard at work lining up special guests, giveaways, competitions, and even other attractions such as artworks, exhibits, etc. Interested in more information, along with receiving updates? Go ahead and like the official Retropalooza page on Facebook.



Legend of Zelda Documentary Gathering Funds on Kickstarter

You knew it was coming: My typical bi-weekly Kickstarter highlight. This time, it is for an intriguing project, called It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, focused on Legend of Zelda; not only is there an aim to complete a documentary film that explores how the original NES classic has permeated popular culture, but also to make an “interactive movie-game” experience, in which players on a mobile device travel throughout an environment, unlocking clips from the movie as reward for successful exploration. If this sounds like something you may consider supporting, check out the Kickstarter page.



Collector May Have Cleaned Away a Shigery Miyamoto Signature

It is enough to make you sick: Apparently, as part of a demonstration on how to clean off pesky marker ink from a gaming item (in this case, a Donkey Kong Game & Watch unit), someone may have wiped off a Miyamoto autograph. Oops? However, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that there have definitely been some accusations of falsehood. The theory is that the inked signing is a forgery, and the entire “mistake” was just a publicity stunt. To help decide for yourself, check out the original blog post, along with Geekologie’s original article on the matter.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

If you like old-school PC first-person shooters, and are interested in seeing one of the games that was very influential toward titles such as the BioShock series, you should know that System Shock 2 is now on Steam, coming highly recommended. … Otherwise, I have no other follow-ups or quick hits, other than to generally remind everyone that the retro gaming scene is fantastic, with lots of great stuff constantly going on.




And that, my friends, is a wrap. If you have any news tips, please send them to me. Seriously, newshounds: If you have a lead on something, let me know, because I want to report it! Remember: The Konami Code. Thanks for reading.