Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene.  Midwest Gaming Classic 2013 was a wonderful event, to say the least. Bring on the briefs.




Video still.

Man Mods Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask to Feature Nicolas Cage Textures 

Sometimes I wonder, even wrestle, with which story to lead with in my Retro Newsflash column. Other times, like this installment, the choice is obvious. Let’s be honest: Putting Nic Cage’s face all over everything is, ultimately, a very silly and pointless endeavor. But some people, like me, will find this madcap zaniness to be utterly hilarious. Check out the video on YouTube and marvel at the free time this person must have had. Note: This is not yet a playable game, but the video covers all the Cage instances fairly exhaustively, from what I understand.


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Duke Nukem II Arriving on iOS in April 2013

Duke Nukem is a rather well-known, classic franchise; granted, of course, one with a reputation that has perhaps declined of late. After all, Duke Nukem Forever was not exactly a product that lived up to its years of hype, am I right? But if you can remember the good ol’ days of running out of bubble gum, consider checking out the trailer on YouTube for the arrival of Duke Nukem II to iOS, celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary. The project is being done by Interceptor Entertainment, who is also behind the Rise of the Triad remake.


 Website portion.

Twin Galaxies’ Website Restore Score-Searching Functionality

The saga of Twin Galaxies is lengthy, complicated, and not appropriate to be covered in this space. Whether you only know of TG from a gaming documentary or are well-aware of their decades-long history of tracking high scores worldwide, the relevant new information is this: After its prior owner sold the Twin Galaxies property, some considered it to be essentially dead, a sentiment that was not exactly assisted by the slowness of which the new owners worked to bring the brand back to public consciousness. That effort continues, but one important advancement has been made: The official TwinGalaxies.com website has had its searchable database of records restored. For those of us with high marks on obscure titles like Rollerball and Fantasy Zone on NES, this is simply pretty cool.


Gameplay screenshot (game in development).

Retro-Chic Game Gathering Funds Via Kickstarter

Yes, I tend to feature one Kickstarter story in this column, as there is always something retro-relevant going on there. This week, though, the choice was simply as to which project to highlight: Shovel Knight simply looks amazing. Consider checking it out, and consider supporting it, as it has not yet reached its goal, although it certainly stands a realistic chance. If you miss 8-bit masterpieces like the Mega Man games, this looks like it might be a worthy successor.


 Hyperkin RetroN 5

Retron 5 Announced at Midwest Gaming Classic 2013

In my previous column, I mentioned that Hyperkin, maker of the cloning system Retron 3, was expected to reveal the Retron 4 at MGC 2013, which I would be attending. Imagine our shock and surprise at the actual event when Hyperkin made a surprise announcement — they were skipping the Retron 4 concept entirely, because they had managed to shove yet another cartridge slot onto the device, and thus create the Retron 5: A console capable of playing cartridges from the NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Megadrive, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Not only that, but apparently it will also support the use of save states and be released in July for around $100.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

Guess what classic video game turned 10 years old recently? The North American release of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. … So, uh, this NES mod is awesome. … Looking for a Metroidvania turn-based strategy game on Steam? Might I suggest A Valley Without Wind 2? … Games writer Jason Venter revealed his list of top 50 favorite NES games. … You did hear about that little DuckTales announcement, right? … Kotaku Brazil ran a story on a video clip portraying someone doing speed art in PhotoShop in order to remaster a still from Super Metroid in high definition. If that sounds confusing, just check it out to see what I mean. … Two more quick Kickstarter mentions: The adorable success story of a 9-year-old girl raising over $20,000 in order to create an RPG game to prove her mean older brothers wrong in saying that she couldn’t, and please consider lending a hand to this guy who has been working hard for quite a while to create the world’s first feature film composed entirely in pixel art.




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