Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene.  Let’s flash! Bring on the briefs!





Japan creates Super Game Boy Advance

The headline pretty much speaks for itself, folks: Whereas the Super Game Boy would play Game Boy cartridges on your Super Nintendo, this device does the same for Game Boy Advance games. While the Game Boy Advance is 32-bit and the SNES only 16, most are agreeing that this is basically just using the SNES for power supply and fully emulating within the cartridge. The best news, though, is that the GBA-to-SNES converter is available for purchase, as reported by RetroCollect.



Legendary Star Control franchise to be rebooted

Oh my. This is cool news. As reported by Ars Technica, Stardock has acquired the rights to the Star Control brand in a fire sale, and has already announced that they are planning a reboot. The Star Controls games were watershed events in combining both turn-based strategy and real-time space combat; as long as the new breed maintains loyalty to the feel of the prior titles, players should be in for a real treat.



MechWarrior Online now open for free public beta

Full disclosure: I really like the MechWarrior series, ever since playing the original demo on floppy disks as a child. The idea of piloting enormous metal war machines definitely still holds appeal, and mech fans everywhere can now rejoice as MechWarrior Online has opened up for free public beta. Good times.



NES Atlas project releases preview video for Super Mario Bros 3 World 3

The NES Atlas is one part tool-assisted speed run, another part graphical wizardry, as their past videos have shown off 8-bit gaming worlds in ways never seen before, as the on-screen protagonist traverses expanded digital landscapes that more fully show off the realm they inhabit. Although the final video is not ready yet, any curious onlookers can get a better sense for what the NES Atlas is all about by checking out the preview video for World 3 from Super Mario Bros 3.


55-50068-crt_promo-1373522261 reveals their search for the best CRT monitor for retro gaming

The Tested brand has steadily continued to grow in their online presence, especially since Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters joined ship. Known for their in-depth analysis of topics from physics to technology, they recently revealed a really cool feature, entitled “In Search of Scanlines: The Best CRT Monitor for Retro Gaming.” It is a recommended read, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. While they do eventually arrive at a conclusion, this is a case where I believe the journey is its own reward.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

If you enjoy tile-based old-school strategy games, consider checking out Battle for Wesnoth. This is not some silly little side project from someone who does not know what they are doing it; it is fully fleshed out, and quite ambitious. … Also consider checking out The Game Chasers Season 1 on DVD, now available for pre-order. … Have some time to kill? This project of online versions of Game & Watch portable games is pretty darn cool.




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