RetroNewsflash - July 15 2013


Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene.  Have you played a retro game today? Bring on the briefs!






Final Fantasy VII is Released on Steam

Oh man. If you have not heard, this is probably the most important bit of news in this column. Last week, the PlayStation RPG that some consider to be the greatest video game of all time was released on Steam. Purchasing FFVII in this manner will set you back about twelve bucks, but if you have never experienced it before, I heartily recommend it. I bought it myself and have been enjoying it immensely, including the in-battle graphical tweaks this release version boasts. Give it a shot.



Action 52 Owns Project to Recreate All Individual Action 52 Titles

If you have been a retro gamer for a while, you are likely aware of Action 52: That notorious NES cartridge with over four dozen different, terrible minigames upon it, including the legendary (for all the wrong reasons) Cheetahmen. The Angry Video Game Nerd did a video on the cart, and the rest is history, including a current movement to recreate all of the individual games on the Action 52 cartridge into better remakes. There is a progress list, along with a discussion forum post detailing the rules for involvement. Ultimately, the effort seems extraordinarily unofficial and haphazard, with minimal organization and an almost-charming amount of chaos involved. However, perhaps this sort of spirit is perfect for retouching such an awful games collection. Hopefully, someday, they will release their series of better-than-the-original experiences.



Brian Allen Becomes Latest Member of Donkey Kong Killscreen Club

Ever since the release of the documentary film King of King: A Fistful of Quarters, interest in the classic arcade cabinet Donkey Kong has been renewed, with a resurgence in competition that continues to this day. Although it is an old-school game that has no real ending, only challenging the player to achieve their highest score possible, a “kill screen” can be reached when such a high level count is attained that the on-board memory cannot handle the calculation, thus forcing a player death. Brian Allen has become the latest player to achieve a killscreen in Donkey Kong, a feat only a few dozen have attained. His next hope is to break a million points in DK — something even fewer players have ever managed. Good luck, sir!




Bases Loaded Franchise Turns 25 Years Old

That is right, folks: As hard as many NES fans may find it to believe, Jaleco’s classic hardball series first arrived on the 8-bit console in July of 1988. Arguable, their four Bases Loaded titles were the ones to truly stoke the system’s obsession with baseball games, of which the Nintendo Entertainment System had about 20 to choose from (!). Although I would personally prefer the R.B.I. Baseball games myself, I cannot deny the contribution to the scene nor the popularity of the Bases Loaded cartridges. Happy birthday, and long live retro sports!


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

I have been absent for a while. Sorry about that! But, yes: All rumors of my death have been a great exaggeration. … The NES release of Life Force turns 25 years old next month. Just so you know. … Have you heard the rumor that StarTropics U may be the next game that Retro Studios produces for Nintendo? I have, but lack solid information. Even if it is a long shot, I would love that, personally.




And that’s a wrap! If you have any news tips,¬†please send them to me. Seriously, newshounds: If you have a lead on something, let me know, because I want to report it! Thanks for reading.