Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene.  Do you ever sit down and really think about how many old-school RPGs make you talk to a tree at some point? Bring on the briefs.




New Pac-Man Animated Series Possibly Coming To Disney?!

Okay, I am not sure how much I should say about this, or what to say at all. But recently a “sneak peek” video was uploaded to YouTube that purports to show clips from an upcoming computer-generated television series called Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures. Clearly too much work was put into the animations for this to completely be a hoax, yet I am truly wondering what, exactly, I am looking at. I suppose we will see, but I suspect Bandai Namco has only continued to fall from their once-great height.


Guy Making Crazy-Cool NES Reproductions

So there is this guy on the Internet, who also has a YouTube channel, who someone tipped me on Facebook about, that apparently does amazing repro work for NES and SNES cartridges. I mean, look at this image: That blood-splattered orange Sweet Home cart? That is sweet. I cannot deny this. The man does not yet have much visibility, but surely we can spread the word a little bit. If you are in the market for a Final Fantasy II reproduction NES cartridge, now you might know who to contact.


Geek Event Coming Up in the UK

Any convention-type event that uses the SNES controller in its promotional video gets my approval. Check out the official web page of GEEK 2013 for more information, but basically, at the Winter Gardens in Margate in a couple weeks is a retro-friendly geek event that sounds like it would be good for a lot of gaming fun for any of our European friends who could make the trip. Consider checking it out, and admire their philosophy: Meet, Make, Play.


Metal Slug 2 Now Available On iOS and Android Devices

Within the annals of class run-and-gun action games, the Metal Slug franchise has to rank somewhere up there in pure quality. The franchise is firmly entrenched in the hearts of many classic gamers, but the games themselves are, in some ways, getting tougher and tougher to find. I have good news: For $3.99, you can download an arcade-faithful Metal Slug 2 to your iOS or Android device with customizable controls and even Bluetooth-enabled multiplayer. It was released on the 7th, and it might be one of the better values out there right now, honestly.


Tom Hall Trying to Raise Funds for a Platform Game Creator

I have been straying from mentioning Kickstarter projects in the past few Newsflashes, just because I know that there are always so many gaming-related things going on there that they are are always a threat to take over the column. This one, though, I found provocatively interesting: Tom Hall, co-founder of iD Software who helped create legendary titles like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, has a Kickstarter project that will include a game but, also, more importantly, a creation tool to form new sci-fi-themed platformer titles in the vein of Commander Keen, etc. Sadly, it looks like it is not on pace to meet its funding goal unless it hits a late surge, but it is nice to see a quirky tool concept trying to reach an open audience to foster the creation of new gaming experiences.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda book, Hyrule Historia, is officially a New York Times best-seller. … Have a few extra bucks and want to buy some retro-game-themed clothing? Consider checking out Fed Clothing, who I just discovered this week via a geeky ally of mine. … Thanks to Ryan Johnson for the tip on this, but apparently there is a retro Nintendo decal for the Wii U available at Decal Girl. … Some guy named Ben (who should really tweet more) is playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time ever and chronicling his experience on his 1Up blog. Check out the first entry here.




And that, my friends, is a wrap. If you have any news tips, please send them to me. Seriously, newshounds: If you have a lead on something, let me know, because I want to report it! Remember: It’s dangerous to go alone. Thanks for reading.