Welcome to another edition of Retro Newsflash, the bi-weekly column where we cover news and current events on the retro gaming scene. ¬†Let’s flash it up! Bring on the briefs!





The reviews are in for DuckTales Remastered

… and the results are ugly. The general consensus seems to be that sticking too closely to the source material was a bad idea, as the gameplay concepts now just seem rather dated and dull. In other words: This is a title that many retro gamers will love, if they were fond of the NES original, but labeled “poor” by modern reviewers. The coolest thing about the release of this game is still probably the special-edition gold NES DuckTales cartridge, though. Now to wait and see how valuable that gets as a collector’s item.



Creators of classic game character Plok launch a webcomic

Remember Plok, that quirky SNES game with its wistful charm and limb-throwing mechanic? The Pickford brothers, its original creators, actually launched a webcomic starring Plok recently. Neat, huh? Even if you are unfamiliar with the original Super Nintendo game, I would still recommend checking out the comic, as it has been made clear that it will [continue to] have many winks and nods to retro gaming throughout its run.



Pre-production wraps on new Zelda-like project

I love Kickstarter; but nowadays, it seems more newsworthy to hear about a new independent game being created that isn’t using Kickstarter as its fundraising platformer. The good news is, lately I got a scoop on the continuing production of one such game: Cider. That is its codename, anyway, as the eventual result will be a topdown adventure game already being described as “Zelda on crack.” You can click that link to see an early gameplay preview video. Instead of using Kickstarter, funds are instead being taken at the game’s official website, on a as-they-come basis. This fundraising model is similar to that used by a little game known as Minecraft. The creator of project Cider, Xander Davis, has said that releasing a playable demo is his next goal. Fantastic.




Legendary SNES game Secret of Mana turns 20 years old

What more needs to be said? The original Japanese release of Secret of Mana turned 20 years old recently. Whether you love it or consider it overrated, it was a truly bold release for Squaresoft at the time, with a legacy still not quite fully cemented. Many still call it a favorite, and many still yearn for more games like it to be released. Until then, we can at least reply this legitimate classic.



Adventurezator achieves Kickstarter funding goal

Here is your requisite Kickstarter project pick. ¬†Adventurezator’s own pitch video admits that it is difficult to describe, but here is my earnest attempt at doing so concisely: For anyone out there looking to create a point-and-click adventure game with 3D-animated graphics, Adventurezator is aiming to be the new, best, easiest way to do so. You can get much more information at the Kickstarter page. Personally, it is probably not something I will invest in; but it does have some truly neat ideas at work, and seems like a worthy creation that many should dig.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

A friend of mine let me share a video of him playing Tetris Theme A on acoustic guitar, which I thought was pretty cool, and hope to coax more, similar performances from him.




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