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Angry Video Game Nerd to get his own game

It was inevitable, right? ScrewAttack recently tweet-announced that the Angry Video Game Nerd (or, at least, his digital avatar) is coming to PCs in 2013. They even released a trailer video for Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which you should go check out. If Rolfe’s dedication to quality is any indication, we can expect a massive dose of old-school fun.


Website seeks to enable achievements for retro video games

Have you ever been playing an old video game and wished it had achievements; that is, those addicting little incentives for task performance included in most modern games nowadays? I know some retro gamers hate achievements, but the others may want to check out retroachievements.org. Right now, they only support Sega Mega Drive, and only through a special download that modifies versions of the games to include their achievements, but doing so is tracked on their website with various leaderboard functions, etc. If they ever extend this to NES, I might have to be the first to full-cheevo some 8-bit titles. Learn more in a YouTube video they uploaded.


Capcom scrapped a modern Mega Man first-person shooter title

That headline pretty much says it all, but any Mega Man fan needs to check out Polygon’s scoop on what could have been. There are even a couple sweet videos depicting in-development gameplay. If I may editorialize for a moment: While Mega Man fanboys are quick to hate on Capcom for their supposedly ill treatment of the Blue Bomber, it is an interesting reality, at least, that the character finds it so difficult to find a new fan base. Something to chew on.


Pixel Lincoln playing cards on Kickstarter

I am not sure I completely understand this one. Is Pixel Lincoln a card game, or merely a “deck-building” game? Is there also a side-scrolling game called Pixel Lincoln, or is that still in development? Whatever the case may be, there is a Kickstarter project to raise funds for a real-life, physical deck of cards with representations from the Pixel Lincoln mythos. You can ask Pixel Lincoln about it yourself on Twitter, if you want. Looks like good ol’ pixel-flavored fun to me.


8-bit playing cards on Kickstarter

Whoa, wait, what? Didn’t we just cover Pixel Lincoln, a retro-gaming-inspired set of playing cards with a current Kickstarter project? Yes, but there is a crucial difference here: This one is simply to produce normal, 52-card decks of playing cards, but using pixel graphics on the card faces. Simple, cool, and very appealing to a guy like me who often games with playing cards anyway. Thanks to @Nytro_Nintendo for the tip.


Michael Edward Miller creates amazing art inspired by old video games

You can follow Mike on Twitter; but, more importantly, he has an Indiegogo page set up for fundraising. While you might be tired of fundraisers, and I cannot provide an expert opinion of how likely or legitimate his asking amount is, the quality of his work is undeniable. He currently works in spray paint on panel, and makes these incredible reproductions of the pixel art found in popular NES games like Mega Man and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. If you care about the always-ongoing video-games-as-art debate, it might interest you to support an artist actually trying to get video games a bit more respect in the “high art” arena. Plus, that wall-sized portrait of Piston Honda is just really cool.


Follow-Ups & Quick Hits

Apparently a guy named Rich Lloyd is learning assembly language in order to create new homebrew games for Amiga, as he explained on Twitter. … There appears to be a columnist that does monthly round-ups of free gamer-friendly music albums for download. Very cool. Here is the March 2013 edition, highly recommended. … Have you seen the NintendoAge.com redesign yet? They are even working on bringing score-chasing to the site, too; as is Retroids.com, another arena that might be worth checking out right now.




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