Unaired broadcast length television pilot for Rerez Video Game Review/Preview series.

This pilot went around to some networks and has had a good response from people in the industry. We did this on pretty much no budget and obviously wouldn’t represent the final quality of a full episode with funding. This episode will never air on TV but it’s still pretty fun to watch!

Questions or comments? Send them to RerezTV@Gmail.com


There are a bunch of clips taken from our YouTube page that were put into the pilot because we liked them. This video is not monetized at all, just thought it would be cool to share with everyone!


(Just as an extra note, the mega man footage was found on a YouTube channel. We heavily edited it. If you were the uploader of the original footage please tell us so we can credit you!)



Dexter Howe

Guy Bradford

Omas Abdullah

Shane Luis


Produced by:

Tony Guta


Camera Operators:

Reese Eveneshen

Tony Gutta

Shane Luis


Audio Recording:

Justin Dmitruk

Alex Kelly


Makeup Artist:

Erin Stuart



‘New Haircut’ by George & Jonathan (Plays during the ‘Retroguy’ Segment)


Directed by:

Shane Luis