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Power Strip is an extremely fun web comic to work on. I get to draw things that I really enjoy and my research includes watching everything on RetrowareTV! Here is your chance to bring one of your ideas to life in an official Power Strip.


1. Submit your 1-page script and a 2-3 sentence story-line summary by 12pm (EST), April 16th, 2013

a. First, press the “like” button on the Power Strip Facebook Page.

b. Your script must include at least one of the members of the RetrowareTV site.

c. It must also include at least one video game character, theme, and/or background setting.

d. Your script should be clearly separated into 1 – 7 panels.

• No more than 3 or 4 characters per panel(This helps things from looking too cluttered and keeps my hand from wearing out)

e. Keep your script fun, simple and light-hearted.

• Anything derogatory, obscene, or mean spirited will automatically be disqualified.

2. All submissions should be sent to (Any questions can be sent to the same address)

3. I will read all of the submissions and then select the top 5

4. On April 17th, I will post the top 5 summaries onto the Power Strip Facebook Page

a. The summary with the most “likes” will be the winner!

5. The winner will be announced April 20th

Good Luck!