PortsCenter Season One Cast Commentary

The second season of PortsCenter will be starting soon, but before that let’s have a little fun! on Friday, January 24th at 7PM PST (10PM EST, 3AM GMT) Ben Paddon and the rest of the cast and crew from the first season will be doing a livestream commentary of all 24 episodes from PortsCenter’s first season, as well as our pilot episode.

We’ll be livestreaming this commentary on the Retroware Live channel. You can subscribe to Retroware on Twitch to be notified when the stream starts, or you can just keep an eye on this page.

Can’t make it to the stream? What, you’ve got something better to do on a Friday night? Like, say, literally anything else? Or maybe you’re in Europe and the idea of getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning doesn’t appeal to you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – the stream will be recorded, and we’ll be posting the entire thing to the PortsCenter YouTube channel before the start of the second season. We’ll also be posting a highlights reel, which will probably take a little longer because it’s going to take us for-bloody-ever to edit.

So just who are these other people participating in the commentary? Let’s take a look:

Ben Paddon is the ginger-haired Brit who hosts the show. Obviously. If you haven’t watched PortsCenter, maybe you’re one of the 4.6 million people who have seen “Boomer’s Day Off”, the Left 4 Dead parody webseries Ben co-wrote in 2009.

Adam Sakellarides played “Bob Robertson,” the unfortunate Rareware employee who gets shot in the face at the end of the Donkey Kong Country episode. Outside of his short appearance in PortsCenter, Adam is a very talented filk musician, and is probably most famous for his song “How Hijinks Ensue”, a theme to the webcomic Hijinks Ensue. Or possibly he’s most famous for something else. Check out Adam’s music on BandCamp.

Michael Wilson has been involved with PortsCenter from the beginning. He helped demo DOOM’s multiplayer modes in the pilot, narrowly missed out on stealing a shiny Charizard in the Pokémon Trading Card Game episode, and has occasionally helped out with production when I’ve needed an extra pair of hands. He’s also been miscredited on the show at least twice, which should make his IMDb page a little more interesting if anybody ever gets around to adding this show to the site. Hint hint. Michael is part of Home Atomics.

Tyler Uslan was the man child who was savagely beaten in the Pokémon Trading Card Game episode for his shiny Charizard, and also made a contribution to the LucasArts Adventure Game Special. He’s also helped out behind-the-scenes for a couple of episodes, and features prominently in our early-season outtakes reel. Tyler was previously responsible for the video game review series Gameplay First Reviews on YouTube, but he’s since moved on to video game development and is currently working on his first game.

Jacob Brenner is, as you’ll see in the banner above, the guy who actually stole the Charizard card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game episode. He’s also helped out behind the scenes on one or two episodes and can be heard on the outtakes reel we put out early last year. Other than that there’s really no point in him being here, but I… y’know, I felt sorry for him. Look at that beard! It’s rubbish. Jacob is part of Home Atomics.

Jonathan Soon assisted with shooting the pilot, and helped shoot the location footage for the season finale. He operated the cameras that shot the very first scene and the absolute last of the first season, which gave the entire affair a feeling of coming full-circle. Which was nice.  Jonathan blogs for The KB Life, and handles livestreams and commentary for Super Arcade (which might mean he won’t be able to make it to the commentary).

So there’s that. While we can’t make any promises, we might also have one or two guest appearances via Skype! Who can say? Not us, because we’ve not actually asked anybody yet!

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