I have some less-than-kind things to say about Mortal Kombat Gold, so I’ll let the episode do the talking.

This is the final regular episode of the year. On December 21st, I’ll be livestreaming a playthrough of the abominable seasonally-themed platform game Santa’s Xmas Caper on the PortsCenter channel. Join me as we celebrate an intensely stressed-out and deeply confused woman giving birth in a shed while surrounded by filthy and generally indifferent barnyard animals by shitting our way through one of history’s greatest disasters. More details about the stream can be found here.

Then, next week, you’ll be able to watch our season finale in which I will be going back through previous episodes and correcting any mistakes I may have made as well as adding additional info about the games that I may have left out for whatever reason.

After that, it’s so long Season 1! Season 2 will begin on February 12th. We look forward to seeing you then!

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