After receiving a very positive response to my first iteration of this article, I figured it would only be natural to bring you guys some more video game cost craziness. Just as we did last time, I’ll be comparing the average prices of various titles of loose games. North American (NA) prices will be pulled from Price Charting, and Japanese (JP) prices will be determined from Surugaya. Allow me to reiterate that while these sites do a good job at capturing a current price that isn’t too high or too low, obviously there’s no one perfect source. The prices pulled from these sources may not be the exact price you see it for on a regular basis at (insert website/store here). Will these price comparisons be exactly as you thought they were, or will you have to fire up the ole’ OMGWTFBBQ? Let’s find out!


Densetsu no Ogre Battle (Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen) Playstation ver.

Average NA Price (with jewel case & manual): $59.99
Average JP Price (with jewel case & manual): $9.50

This game is one of my all-time favorites for the Super NES, but I could never seem to get my hands on a copy as a kid. So, when they brought it over to the Playstation 1, I was ecstatic, and snagged a copy as soon as I could. The re-release of Ogre Battle in Japan garnered much more attention than it back home in the US. It even sold enough copies to have a ‘Greatest Hits’ version of the game made, which is even cheaper than the $9.50 the regular version of the game costs. Funny that it becomes a greatest hits title in Japan, and in the States, every copy of the game is labeled as a ‘Special Edition’.


Splatterhouse 2

Average NA Price: $39.99
Average JP Price: $30.00

Heeeey now, prices that are actually comparible! Splatterhouse was a series that I never knew much about until later in life, probably due to the fact that their American releases on the Sega Genesis some of the hardest to find and most expensive games for the system. While the box art for Part 3 is essentially the same on both versions of the game, the box art for Splatterhouse 2 here is definitely cooler on the Mega Drive version, in my opinion anyway.


SD Gundam Dimension Wars

Average NA Price: $650.00
Average JP Price: $380.00

The generally unloved Virtual Boy has a Japan-only game that is a bank-buster no matter where you purchase it! Seen as one of the must-own titles for any Virtual Boy collector, whether you are buying this in Japan or North America, get ready to shell out some major loot. This game was only released in Japan, but especially for ultra-rare stuff, this is a prime example of how different the prices can be for a Japan-only game when you buy it outside of Japan. I have never seen a copy of this game with my own two eyes in Japan or in the US though, so I guess you could say that’s a true testament to its rarity.


Snow Brothers

Average NA Price: $146.50
Average JP Price: $63.00

While not quite comparable in terms of value between the regions, the $63.00 price tag for the Famicom version of Snow Brothers definitely puts it in the upper echelon of expensive Famicom titles. Capcom picked up the rights to publishing this game in the US, which is why you don’t see Toaplan, the company who created and published the Famicom version, anywhere on the US version of the game.


True Lies 

Average NA Price (CIB): $5.40
Average JP Price (CIB): $145.10

I nearly spat out my coffee when I came across this bewilderment of the retro collecting world! You better get ready to flex your financial MAAAAAHSCLES if you want to take home the Mega Drive version of this common, not-at-all special Sega Genesis title.  As we saw with Mortal Kombat Trilogy in my last post, Japanese releases of American games can have a similar effect to obscure Japanese games getting released in the US: they typically have a small print run, and usually become quite valuable as time goes on. Who would have ever thought this would happen with a game like True Lies though?! I know I sure didn’t!