I’m not going to lie to you ladies and gentlemen. As a lifelong gamer, living in Tokyo is nothing short of freakin’ sweet. One of the bajillion reasons why is because places like the Capcom Bar exist.

capcom bar

Yes, you heard that right. There is an officially licensed BAR dedicated to all things Capcom, publishers of such memorable franchises as Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and many more. Tucked down a side street in Tokyo’s bustling Shinjuku district, on the first floor of a fancy-schmancy karaoke joint, the Capcom Bar is a rather small establishment, but fear not good people, it is packed full of awesome decor, delectible drinks, nom-nom-delicious snacks, light meals, and desserts.

Upon entering the bar, you are promptly greeting by the VERY energetic and entertaining staff, and led to your seat while you are serenaded with the sounds of some quality tunes from various Capcom games (there was a lot of Phoenix Wright music being played when I went last time, for example).


Before I really dive into what makes this place awesome, I figured any of you potential visitors would be relieved to know that most of the staff there speaks some level of English due to the high amount of foreign visitors they get, so don’t worry about not being able to speak Japanese if you ever go.

When you are seated, you are presented with two different menus: a food/drink menu, and a goods menu. Yes, there is a dedicated menu for getting cool swag there, and it features everything from little nick nacks and figures to statues and art books. But, as awesome as being able to order the R20+5 Mega Man art book from your table is, what REALLY makes this place awesome is their extensive menu of things that you can actually eat/drink (please don’t eat your Monster Hunter figurines, kids).

20140516_220242There’s no pizza quite like some Biohazard Pizza, amirite??

Every food item and drink in the place is themed after a character from a plethora of different Capcom games. The menu as it was when I visited recently, featured Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, Phoenix Wright, Resident Evil, Sengoku Basara, Dragon’s Dogma, and a few others. Sadly, no Mega Man was to be found this time around, but I was told the menu gets updated every so often, so, one can only hope Double M has some menu exposure in the future.

When it comes to the food selection, while there are plenty of different items to choose from, most of which are actually quite delicious, they are pretty small portions, even for Japanese standards. Unless you don’t mind dropping some serious yen to get your tummy full, or unless you have a tiny appetite, I would recommend eating a little something before you come. As for the theming of the food selections, some make a whole lot of sense, such as the cake shaped like a Resident Evil zombie brain, and others, while still tasty, don’t seem to match the theming so much…like Miles Edgeworth’s casear salad, for example.

20140516_220323The blood tastes like raspberry jam!

The drink selection however, is what really makes this place a treat to visit. I mean, it IS a bar after all, that should be their specialty, right? Before I get into how awesome the drinks are though, I should mention that for those of you who are not of age or just simply don’t drink alcohol, there are just as many themed non-alcoholic drinks as alcoholic ones, so you need not worry about sipping a Diet Coke while your compadres down glasses full of Ryu’s Fire Hadouken. The staff will even act out a little skit based on what you order, such as a big hearty ‘異議あり!’ (Objection!) when you order the Phoenix Wright cocktail, or an earth shattering ‘SHOURYUKEN!’ when you order Ken’s soft drink. It really makes the whole experience that much more entertaining.

20140516_220400See? I wasn’t kidding!

The theming for many of these are SPOT ON, and with prices generally ranging from $5-$8USD for a drink, it’s really not badly priced, considering these are mixed drinks at a themed bar in what can be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Believe me, there is plenty more to be seen here than the pictures show. Can’t spoil all the fun now, can I?

Should you wish to pay the Capcom Bar a visit, reservations are HIGHLY recommended, especially if you plan on visiting on a Saturday or Sunday. You can only stay up to 2 hours, at which point you will be shuffled out so that the next group can come in…but not before they do a prize raffle AND hand you a little something nice as you exit the establishment. Trust me dudes and dudettes, this is not a place to be missed during your Tokyo adventure!

20140516_220251The ‘Objection Onion Rings’ are NOT to be missed. I mean, c’mon, the gavel is a freakin’ croquette with a french fry sticking out of it!