With your help, we can get this DVD set released!


The Pat the NES Punk DVD Campaign!

For years, the Pat the NES Punk video series has lived only on YouTube and the internet. Fans over the years have asked for a DVD set for them to enjoy. Now, with your help, it can happen!

About the series: Meet Pat, a quirky video game player and collector who reviews retro video games. He also goes out on flea market adventures and travels to gaming/comic conventions to see what fun is in store. He is here to entertain you, sometimes at the expense of himself. It’s all good, clean fun. Ok, mostly clean. Pat will also school you on the history behind retro video games while bringing high energy, enthusiasm, and strange hair.

I’m hoping to put together a full DVD set with all the extras/special features you’d expect from a professional DVD release. It would be a great way for me to give back to the fans for all their support these past few years, plus I’ll be able to release material never seen before!

This campaign also will assist in the development of future video projects and DVD sets if this one does well!

What Is Your Pledge Going Towards?

Professional DVD releases are not cheap… they cost time & money to put together. We don’t want to do a shoddy “burned from a PC” release… you deserve better. We’re looking to go to a professional DVD replication house to do this, which means that the set would look like any Hollywood DVD release you’d see at a store.

This DVD set will contain Pat the NES Punk material produced between mid 2008-mid 2010. That’s two full years of material containing:

– 14 full-length episodes totaling almost 4 Hours (remastered)
– The original & ground-breaking Flea Market Madness episode!
– The Collection Video, Mario Ball Contest, and other special videos!
– Exclusive commentary tracks!
– Blooper reel!

To do a full set containing at least one dual layer, full color DVD, full color packaging, shrink-wrapped, UPC’ed, etc., shipping, taxes, etc., will cost in the area of $3000. Unless that goal is hit, it honestly cannot happen since we’d be losing money due to all the time that is put into the project (besides the obvious costs).

Take a look at the perks we have here to help make this happen. The standard of course is a pre-order of the DVD release! It is $20 and shipping will be free for US residents! There are also perks like a game/DVD combo, Nintendo System/DVD combo, and others!

Stretch Goals/Bonus Features

I want to pack this DVD set with tons of bonus features. Based upon how much interest we get, the more will be added to this set!

$3000 – DVD set is released with audio commentary for the full length episodes, as well as a small blooper reel.

$4000 – Two DVD set confirmed! This extra disc will allow for the videos to all be in the highest possible quality! Pat will include two never before released mini-reviews, and a second blooper/behind the scenes video! With this extra space, more commentary tracks can be recorded for other videos as well!

$5000 – Besides the above, all of Pat’s videos from June 2008-May 2010 included (teasers, announcements, non-gaming videos, etc.), which is nearly 6 hours of content. Whoa!

Other Ways You Can Help

Thanks so much for reading this far. Even if you cannot contribute directly, you can still help! Please tweet, re-link, or Facebook this campaign, and use the Indiegogo sharing tools to help spread the word!

I really appreciate it… hopefully we can make this happen!