3DO was a specification formed by the 3DO company in the early 90s, in much the same way as the MSX standard some 10 years prior. Panasonic were one of the first to pick up the specification and develop hardware for it, in the form of their 3DO FZ-1 machine. Here I take a look at the machine, along with some of the better known and lesser known (and frankly worrying) games for the console;

The format claimed to be an all in one home multi-media system (much like the XBone), but it was just too early to make this happen. The CD-ROM drive offered limited storage for feature length films, and the unit was just too limited for this scope. It mainly served as a gaming platform, with a number of good titles and some impressive 3D graphics. However the high price tag at launch (The 3DO UK Launch Price was £600!!), coupled with limited titles AND the fact that the Saturn and Playstation were on their way meant that it was another machine doomed to failure. Still it reigned supreme for a little while, alongside Atari’s more 2 dimensional suited Jaguar.