Long time Retroware TV friends, www.NintendoAGE.com have just released the newest issue of their fanzine where they discuss the long time Retroware TV 8-bit favorite, Mr. Gimmick by Sunsoft.  For those who don’t know, Mr. Gimmick is one of the most technologically advanced Famicom games, known for its impressive sound chip used to make the some of the most impressive music produced by the Nintendo 8-bit console.  It’s also known for it’s innovative game play mechanics and intense difficulty.  Our other good buddies at RetroZone www.retrousb.com have recently reproduced the rare NTSC prototype.  So now you can enjoy one of the most advanced platformers ever to appear on the Famicom as it was originally intended to be for the NTSC NES.   Head over to RetroZone to get a copy now.

If you’re a fan of Sunsoft’s amazing titles or if you just like want to dust off the NES, getting’ it all prepped for a freshy-fresh new cart, head over to NintendoAGE and RetroZone to learn more about some of this gaming goodness.

Oh and BTW, RetroZone also recently released NES ports of Famicom classics Fantasy Zone 2 and Splatterhouse

From NintendoAGE