Retroware needs a few good news people, see?  We need a few people who are on the beat.  Those that got the scoop, the skinny.  Those who have their finger on the pulse of the happenings in the gaming world.  What’s that you say? You have the straight dope on the indie scene?  The retro homebrews?  You’ve got the next gen stuff licked?  Then you’re in, kid!  Do you have access to press releases, people on the inside, rumors, happenings, and do you type real quick?  Even better!

He's got the scoop, she's got the skinny. Do you?

He’s got the scoop, she’s got the skinny. Do you?

If you’re up for the challenge of getting gaming news to us all typed out and timely (all ASAP- like), send your ideas and interest over to and and we’ll see if you’re able to join the baddest news team in the retro gaming world.  Stay classy San Diego. Our very own dynamite kid, Shane from Rerez will be your editor, see?  He’s got the down-low, the know-how and he keeps the hush-hush on the QT.  So don’t throw any hen-fruit or flip your lid chap, get your notepad and hit the streets.  We want to read all about it.  Other 1940’s slang stuff place here.

Seriously, if you like the idea of being with a group of news-writers for Retroware, send your thoughts, background and ideas to those emails above.  Thanks!