Hey gang!  We are pleased to announce the release of 3 new items to the RWTV store.  First up is Volume 4 of Retroware TV.  This set features some of John D and Ito’s latest/best work to date such as The Policenauts Retrospective, NBA Jam Retrospective, Episode 12 and 13 of RWTV: The Show and much more.

Second we have Volume 2 of the Happy Video Game Nerd.  Set contains reviews such as a newly edited Earthbound Review, D2, Zombie Ate My Neighbors, some Getting Super Nerdy episodes and more.

Last we have the RWTV Wolfpack T-Shirt, that’s right you too can wear an RWTV Tee and put the beat down on random people while spreading the word about RWTV.  Get em’ while they last! For Full Contents go to the store and check out each products description
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